What should you know about Copenhagen?

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen (København) is the capital of Denmark, the country which has been officially recognized as the happiest nation in the world! And why not? Copenhagen was founded as a commercial port and today is a charming urban paradise... but also a very expensive city.

Denmark, in general, and Copenhagen in particular are famous for their Royal Family and the fairy tales written by Hans Christian Andersen. It is also very attractive because of its vicinity to the Swedish coast, which is just the other side of the bay. A visit to Copenhagen means you can visit at least 5 other cities! On our site you will discover how to visit Copenhagen in 3 days and make a trip to Sweden as well! There is a map on every page which can also be accessed from a mobile phone.

We advise you to split the trip into 4 days:

Day 1 - Day 2: visit the main places of interest in Copenhagen: this will take you 2 days.

Day 3: visit the Copenhagen museums (closed on Monday) and the Aquarium. It's a good itinerary for those who don't know what to do in Copenhagen when it rains.

Day 4: take a trip to the northern part of the region and Sweden, then return to Copenhagen.

Page last updated: July, 2024.

How to get to Copenhagen

If you have already purchased your plane ticket and booked a room through a hotel booking site, all you have to do now is get into downtown Copenhagen. We suggest using Google Maps for the best way to reach your hotel. Public transport works wonderfully well! Taxis in Copenhagen are very expensive; so consider the following three options:

- express train to the Central station;

- Metro to the city center (it does not go to the central station);

- bus 5А to the city center (but it is best to use the metro).

Follow the signs you will find at Copenhagen airport when you arrive.

Public transport in Copenhagen

24h/day service. Trains going in all directions run at the incredible interval of every 10 minutes! It's more like a subway and you don't need to know the timetables. Just go to the station, find the number of the train you want, the platform number and have a good trip!

We recommend that you purchase the Copenhagen Card (see below), especially if you plan to visit Copenhagen and the surroundings as well. You will save quite a lot on the trip described on the page for Day 3.

Copenhagen Card

Copenhagen card for 72 hours, Denmark

This is a ticket for local travel and gives you free use of public transport in Copenhagen and the surrounding region. When you board a bus, just show the Copenhagen Card to the driver; if you are on a train, show it to the controller when requested. Also included is entry to almost all the museums, boat tours and much more. Whether you're thinking of visiting Copenhagen for one day or one week, you should certainly buy it and you can choose a Copenhagen Card for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days. Look on the official site for prices and the list of what is included in the cost of the Copenhagen Card.

Choosing your hotel

When planning a trip to Copenhagen, choose your hotel with this research tool: you will be sure to find the best option here. Compare the locations of the hotels, comments and prices. The main complaints from tourists are about high prices and dirty rooms. Go to the page “How to choose a hotel” to find affordable accommodation in Copenhagen.

Bella Sky, Denmark
Top 5

Bella Sky

Price: affordable.
Hotel Rooms: 812 (with bar on the 24th floor!).
More information

Ocean Hotel, Denmark

Ocean Hotel

Price: affordable.
Characteristics: Comfortable hotel not far from the beach and metro.
More information

Cabinn Metro, Denmark

Cabinn Metro

Price: low.
Hotel Rooms: 709.
More information

Local cuisine

Before visiting the Aquarium, we suggest you take a look at the local bar nearby called “Café Kystens Pearls” and try the Danish breakfast “Morgentallerken” (see photo). On the page for “Day 3” you can read more detailed information and see the map where the best bars and pubs in Copenhagen are marked. You can also try the local Danish cuisine at “Torvehallerne”, a small bazaar with local food. Eating cheaply in Copenhagen is rare but you'll find something affordable in PapirØen (street food near Nyhavn).

When is the best time to visit Copenhagen?

Tourists visit Copenhagen all year round, but it is wise to note that in spring and autumn you have to dress as if it was January: it's certainly quite cold in these parts and the temperature rises above 20 °С only in the summer months. Copenhagen in winter is fascinating in its own special way and on Christmas Eve the whole of Denmark is immersed in a magical fairy-tale atmosphere.

National currency

50 DKK and coins with a hole, Copenhagen, Denmark

It's very simple: in Denmark you have the Danish kroner, and in Sweden the Swedish kroner. It is not advisable to go to a money exchange to get your Danish kroner in cash because you will have to pay commission. It's better to withdraw cash from atms using your bank card and get your Danish kroner that way. Even easier is to use your credit card. You only need a little small change to buy a hot-dog in the street, for example, (and sometimes cards are even accepted for small purchases!).

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